Haitian Jupiter SERIE III

Haitian’s JU III series, developed based on Haitian’s extensive experience in the research and sustainable development of two-course solutions over the last two decades, has significant improvements to the previous generation of machines and provides more benefits for many molding applications. The new design incorporates additional features and user benefits that greatly improve machine performance and part quality. With flexible unit combinations clamp and injection unit, the machine can be adapted to specific or general molding applications.

As a State-of-the-Art product, the new generation of the Jupiter Series from Haiti offers a wide variety of combination possibilities in a compact space, maximizing the usable space of the plants to the benefit of the clients. No matter large parts such as garbage cans and logistics boxes, high-precision automotive parts, or high-tech parts with high surface quality such as home appliances, the JU III series provides the best solution for customers.



- Plastic parts for the automotive industry.
- Economical and efficient solution for a variety of standard interior and engine parts.

Home appliances

- Large interior parts for household appliances.
- Highly efficient, flexible and stable injection molding.
- Solution for the required characteristics of the product.


- Large plastic parts with deep cavities.
- Good quality injection molding solution.
- Thin wall parts but short cooling times.


- Parts with high weight and large area.
- High closing force.
- Distance between columns.
- Short toggle stroke.
Drive technology: Servo-hydraulic
Control system: keba
Close Force: 450 – 6600 t
Distance between columns: 2400 x 2000 mm
Injection capacity: 792 – 80,170 cm³


Fast cycle: Fast and smooth mold opening/closing movement and fast clamping on short strokes, considerably shortening cycle time. Intelligent: Intelligent core hardware, with precise digital control compatible with the latest international information interface, user-friendly HMI. Small footprint: The compact structure of the machine offers higher productivity per square meter. Large injection molding capacity: With a wider range of injection process coverage and a flexible combination of different injection units. Wide molding area: Wide opening and ejection stroke for various application needs. Green Advantage: The highly dynamic and sensitive high efficiency and energy saving power unit, with higher efficiency and lower power consumption.
  • KEBA 2885 – Pantalla táctil a color de 15″
  • Software FFP V4
  • Procesador Atom de 1,1 GH a 1,6 GHz
  • Memoria: 512 MB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Interfaz a bordo disponible
  • Extensible para otras características
  • Opcional: Control de acceso de usuario RFID (contactless)

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