Haitian’s MARS Series has been on the market for over 10 years and remains the pinnacle of servo-hydraulic injection molding technology – the world’s best-selling injection molding machine. Since its market launch in 2006, more than 230,000 units of the MARS Series have been delivered.

The updated MARS -Mars F Series- comes with many design improvements adapted to the European market. It was developed to produce plastic containers efficiently, with remarkable injection speed, offering high and constant process stability for extremely thin and light products.


food packaging

- Fast food containers.
- Glasses for drinks.
- Disposable tableware.
- Ice cream boxes.

Consumer Product Packaging

- Storage boxes.
- Cubes.
- Pots.

Logistics Packaging

- Cable ties.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

- Recycling boxes.
- Cylindrical products.


Innovative V-type knee brace system: Centralized and uniform distribution of force for less deformation, increasing the useful life of the mould. High power output: Optimized output for a more stable and controllable injection process. Fast response: Dual injection cylinders for a balanced injection unit with low friction linear guides. Electronic control tailored for fast cycle times: High performance reactive filter and enhanced full scale machine control solution. Efficient closing mechanism: Leak-free lead design for stable and controllable clamping force for fast mold opening/closing. High-rigidity platter structure: Large chainring design for increased rigidity and strength. Efficient heating control Great responsiveness of the heating circuit. Precise injection Linear guides support for less friction, high precision and lower energy consumption.

High performance injection unit

A special design for PP and PE: the double thread screw with mixing ring, can also have high plasticizing capacity and high color mixing capacity.

  • Greater heating control response and higher heating power.
  • Low friction linear guide support improves accuracy.

Redesigned closure

  • Friction is reduced by 90%, reducing operating energy.
  • Due to the improvement of process technology, the strength of the columns is higher.
  • Clamping mechanism with V-type knee brace clamping design can reduce cycle time.
  • The force in the center of the mold mounting area can reduce the platen deformation and make the force uniform in the mold area.

Hydraulic Control Features

  • 1 – Customized mold closing proportional valve: greater control precision and greater speed.
  • 2 – Mold height adjustment: self-locking motor.
  • 3 – High speed and high pressure gear pump: small leakage and fast response.
  • 4 – High precision bypass filter: improves oil cleanliness.
  • 5 – Independent oil cooling system to cool the motor and controller: increases the life of the motor and controller.

Hydraulic Control Features

  • The latest control system which is only for injection molding machine is easy to operate and has fast response.
  • High performance electrical reactor and electrical filter, comprehensive EMC solutions.
  • The heating circuit is controlled by the SSR.
  • The sixth generation servo control system can improve the anti-interference ability.
  • KEBA 2985 controller and 15′ color LCD control panel can monitor the production process in real time and display fault information.

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