The Zhafir JENIUS ( JE ) series is an innovative hybrid machine concept that combines electric drive technology and two-plate servo-hydraulic system. Using an innovative modular concept, the all-electric solution and the servo drive system can be combined in a highly efficient way, while retaining their respective benefits.

It benefits from our in-depth customer application experience and pays attention to the development trend of medium and large injection molding technologies. JE has been developed to address the specific quality requirements of industries such as white goods and automotive. With excellent stability, higher efficiency and faster ROI, JE is an ideal choice for customers in the industry.

Hybrid Drive Technology
Sigmatec Control System
Close Force 360 – 3000 t
Distance between columns 2270 x 1820 mm
Injection capacity 792 – 12,017 cm³
Injection speed 160mm/s


Fast cycle: Multi-synchronized to minimize production cycle time. To set the clamping force in a short time and high-speed operation of the servo motor is the key to shorten the cycle time.
Larger mold space: Larger mold space compared to traditional injection molding machine. Expanded mold movement including ejection path for the needs of relevant industries.
Great stability: The combination of servo drive and precision mechanical transmission ensures high stability of the injection process.
Less support surface: The compact design of the structure helps you save space.
Precision control: The high-performance controller and easy-access machine interface makes machine operation more comfortable.
Low energy consumption: With the all-electric injection molding system, the energy consumption of the machine has been reduced to a minimum.

High performance injection unit

Compared with a hydraulic injection unit, the ball screw and servo motor driven injection unit has substantially improved the accuracy of injection speed, pressure and position repeatability. Therefore, it guarantees the high precision and high stability of the Zhafir JE series.
  • Injection unit based on technology ball-screw synchronous control.
  • Plastification and electrical injection.
  • Rotary injection units.
  • Double hydraulic cylinder trolley.
  • Modular injection unit.
Single-spindle concept An architecture of a single piece and extremely compact. The axis and spindle are in a line for high precision and efficiency.
Dual-spindle concept Synchronized servomotors Symmetrical injection of a function to correct deviations.
4-spindle concept Exact synchronization of all units with intelligent algorithms Dynamic acceleration and fast response time.

Closing unit that saves space

The compact design of the two platen clamping group has been integrated into the Zhafir JE series, with optimized space design and providing larger mold space, extended mold opening stroke and stroke. expulsion.

Precise fastening system

The parallel operation of the locknut guarantees a fast and precise response.

Exterior Door

The large moving platen guarantees a high rigidity of the platen during the movement with a higher weight load of the mold. Reduced platen vertical movement for long core moulds.

Latest software and control

With the optimized design and cycle instruction in the SIGMATEK control system, the signal processing speed has improved, which can be seamlessly connected with peripheral automation equipment. Easier to use interface, makes it more convenient for the user.

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