The new Venus 3 series machine brings many improvements both in speed and repeatability. The range has clamping forces of up to 800 tonnes and injection speeds of up to 500mm/s. The Venus offers high-quality precision and can produce extremely thin-walled parts; its exemplary energy efficiency saves up to 70% energy.


Tailor-made electric servo drive systems, in combination with a new generation of inverters, enable high performance and a unique price/performance ratio. Zhafir’s third generation technology is a systems platform with extremely fast and intelligent software that adapts. The Venus series enables open integration and connectivity with all common interfaces and a seamless connection to industrial automation or any MES system.


Multi-component products

- Plastic parts for the automobile industry and other sectors.
- Economical and efficient solution for a wide range of applications and process requirements

Thin-walled or thick-walled parts

- Especially suitable for thin-walled or thick-walled parts that require long-term holding pressure, such as thick-walled optical lenses, thick-walled gears, etc.

Precision parts

- Suitable for thin-walled precision technical parts, such as mobile phones, tablet cases, buttons, etc.

Fast cycle products

- Plastic parts used in everyday life.
- Great efficiency and profitability.
Electric Propulsion Technology
Sigmatec Control System
Close Force 40 – 800t
Distance between columns 1080 x 1080 mm
Injection capacity 12 – 2353 cm³
Intelligent mold protection


Flexible: We supply the client with intelligent injection moulds, machines open to all possibilities, leaving the client free to choose their integration partners.
High performance: Custom-made electric servo drive systems in combination with a new generation of converters enable high performance and price/performance ratio with high precision and dynamics.
Constant: High stability for mold injection. Optimal and dynamic servo, speed control for injection.
Precise: Linear guides for low friction, providing quick response and clean operation, and more precise control.
Convenient: Swiveling injection unit for easy maintenance and quick spindle change.
Mould protection: Intelligent algorithms ensure a highly reactive and precise mold.
High rigidity: More balanced and rigid support structure for the mobile platform, greater parallelism of the platform and greater load capacity.
Clean and precise: Optional linear guide for mold opening/closing and column without contact for a cleaner design and greater platen parallelism.

Constant injection speed

High stability for injection molding, optimal servohydraulics and injection speed control.

Linear guides

Low friction linear guides provide quick response, clean running and precise pressure control. There is also an improvement in back pressure and repeatability.

Linear guides on the mobile plate

Optional linear guides and non-contact column design provide cleaner molding and greater platen parallelism.

  • 15-inch color LCD touch screen
  • Three general purpose USB interfaces
  • Mould profile data memory (up to 200 sets)
  • New performance for production tracking
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Full software features
  • Operation indicator LED
  • Clear and simple button to redesign
  • Shortcut settings for clear identification
  • Available in multiple languages
  • RFID card with password control for easier factory management

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