ZHAFIR equipment for the plastic processing industry

Equipos ZHAFIR para la industria de la transformación de plástico

ZHAFIR equipment for the plastic processing industry

Throughout the years and with the aim of always offering the best equipment for the plastic processing industry, HAITIAN has had a great evolution and growth, adding strong partners and synergies. One of the most outstanding was the integration to our group of the German company Zhafir Plastics Machinery GmbH, an important and recognized corporation dedicated to the plastic processing machinery.

In this way, we put at your disposal a service and distribution of plastic injection molding machinery totally professional and dedicated to our customers, to put at your disposal the best equipment for your industries.

ZHAFIR VENUS SERIES III, maximum efficiency

If it is necessary to define ZHAFIR’s equipment for the plastic processing industry, it is essential to talk about its great efficiency and flexibility in its use.

The new Venus 3 series machine brings great advances and improvements to our customers, especially regarding the speed of the equipment. Thanks to this aspect, it offers much more productivity and, with it, profitability, allowing energy savings of up to 70%.

The range of polymer converting machinery has clamping forces of up to 800 tons and injection speeds of up to 500 mm/s. In addition, high precision of the highest quality.

The equipment is equipped with intelligent software that can be adapted and integrated perfectly into the industry, which means that it can be connected to all common interfaces.

ZHAFIR VENUS SERIES III contains large applications, both for multi-component products, such as plastic parts for the automotive industry; thin-walled and thick-walled parts, especially those requiring long-term maintenance; precision parts, such as technical parts, telephones, tablet cases, buttons, etc.; and fast-cycle products, such as plastic parts used in everyday life.

All of the above-mentioned components, among others, with their processes, can be run on this polymer converting machinery.

What does the ZHAFIR machine provide?

Being innovative equipment and at the forefront of the sector, the equipment and solutions for transforming plastics bring a multitude of positive points to companies. Industries can have at their disposal:

  1. Greater flexibility: it is a machinery with intelligent injection molds, i.e., open to all possibilities and options.
  2. More performance: an excellent price/performance ratio is achieved.
  3. Increased stability: it is a machine with injection speed control.
  4. More precision: they are machines that provide more precise control and really fast responses.
  5. Easy maintenance: thanks to being able to change parts more easily and to have a simple maintenance, the processes are faster. 
  6. Greater rigidity: structures and components are more rigid and balanced.
  7. Linear guides on the moving platen: the linear guides are optional and the non-contacting common design offers a cleaner solution.

We also highlight other very relevant aspects of this equipment, such as the 15-inch color LCD touch screen, the three general-purpose USB interfaces, the large mold profile data memory, the simple user interface, the shortcut configuration for clear identification or the RFID card with password control, among many others.

Hydraulic, hybrid and electric injection molding machines

With the incorporation of ZHAFIR’s plastic processing machinery, HAITIAN expands its innovative equipment with the highest performance and applications.

All this, added to years of experience in the sector, providing a professional service and fully adapted to our customers. We are a company dedicated to the import and distribution of equipment for the plastics industry.

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