The new generation of our bestseller is more powerful than ever thanks to major improvements. New motors and intelligent motion control provide more precise processes, in applications such as consumer goods, toys or construction. Optimized core components, such as the closed-loop injection unit, increase the efficiency and production quality of the world’s most successful injection molding machine.

New software concepts complement the new hardware base with all common interfaces for seamless connectivity. open with smart manufacturing solutions. The intelligent response to the growing demands of the plastics processing industry and a modern response to the environmental challenges of our time. The new Mars III Series is extremely energy efficient, economical and very attractive in terms of quality/price ratio. State-of-the-art technology like never before.



- Plastic parts for the automobile industry.
- Economical and efficient solution for a wide range of applications and process requirements.

Home appliances

- Plastic parts in household appliances.
- Flexible, highly efficient and stable solution.


- Parts and components in the consumer electronics sector.
- Highly efficient solutions for a wide variety of applications.


- Plastic parts used in everyday life.
- Great efficiency and profitability.
Drive technology: Servo-hydraulic
Close Force 60 – 1200t
Closing System: platen with linear guides
Injection capacity 50 – 6,769 cm³


Intelligent algorithm to open/close mold. Intelligent injection motion control. Multi-stage control of system dynamics. Complete digital platform. The highly efficient and energy saving power unit.

New high performance servo drive system

Innovative MARS technology

The direct drive connection between the servomotor and the gear pump provides excellent drive torque that provides maximum acceleration and deceleration rates for all machine functions.

Optimized design

Optimized design for the uniform distribution of the closing force with less deformation and greater precision. It incorporates an intelligent opening and closing algorithm.

High performance injection unit

Linear guides on both the carriage and injection provide better acceleration and deceleration response times and more precise back pressure control.

The rotary injection unit comes as standard and saves 30% of time in screw replacement.

< img class="alignnone wp-image-1161" src="https://haitianiberica.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Mars-II-Plus-swivel-injection-unit-300x155.png" alt= "" width="500" height="258" />
  • High performance KEBA control
  • Mould profile data memory
  • New performance for production tracking
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Full software features
  • Clear and simple button to redesign
  • Shortcut settings for clear identification
  • Available in multiple languages
Keba 1180 – 12-inch screen as standard
Keba 2285 – 15″ touch screen as an option

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