This feature rich and easy to program robot allows users to meet the growing demand for Robot/IMM packages with 3 and 5 axis robots. The Hilectro range brings with it all the advantages. Now you can automate your mold production with the same high levels of efficiency you’ve come to expect from Haitian machines and our team. Backed by our industry-leading parts and labor warranty.


Servobots with payload capacity from 8 to 80 kg, for injection machines from 60 to 4,000 tons of injection molding machines. Robots for specific applications are also available. Automation solutions tailored to the injection molding machine industry and other machinery industries. Fully automated injection molding cells, air and water management, and material handling.


Type C structure for greater durability. Double arm design for higher speed and higher load capacity. High quality belt drive for less maintenance and noise. Electric servo drivefor fast response. Centralized oil supply for easy maintenance. Linear guides for high precision and quiet operation. Extendable shaft for rotating parts (optional).

Vertical selection and placement for IMM

The vertical travel XTC series can improve plant utilization and ease production, while eliminating the external conveyor for most processes. Space savings of up to 20% compared to a horizontally moving robot. An ideal solution for multi-component machines.

Series of side shots

The XTS series is a side gripping robot adapted to the fast food packaging industry. It is an ideal choice for collecting and stacking fast food containers in cooperation with high-speed injection molding machines.

  • XTS: normal side harvesting machine
  • XTS/D: Side Pickup Stack Mold
  • XTS/L: Side Pickup Tagging

The self-developed control system, for a perfect integration with the control system of the injection molding machines and easy to operate.

  • EtherCAT Fieldbus
  • Fieldbus EtherCAT applied in the control
  • IO module and servo drive system
  • Communication speed up to 150 Mbps for high speed applications. efficient and stable transmission
  • Easy to operate
  • 7.0-inch IPS screen, with emergency stop, three-phase switch
  • Ergonomic design for easy operation

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