MAGBO is the perfect team to carry out the rapid change of molds and dies in the Plastic Injection, Metal Stamping, Pressure Casting and Rubber Molding Industry. With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing magnetic equipment, it will always offer the best technology and magnetic solution to meet the needs of our customers.


The magnetic chucks are more flexible when equipped with removable steel covers (5mm), in addition to providing extra protection to the magnetic chucks, it allows quick maintenance and flexibility to carry out repairs in case of being damaged. necessary.

Perfect adaptability
Ergonomic and practical
clean environment


Actual reading of the clamping force. Removable steel cover. Temperature Monitor. Thin thickness of 30mm. Slip detection system. Mould recovery system. Optional advanced technologies. Rollers for lateral mold loading.

For a greater COMPETITIVE advantage

Uniform and distributed fastening Traditional clamping focuses on a few parts of the perimeter of the mold. Magnetic clamping generates magnetism over the entire mold surface; once the mold is magnetized it practically becomes part of the machine plates. This increase in rigidity and uniformity in the clamping generates higher quality parts, greater mold repeatability and considerably reduces mold maintenance requirements.

Magnetic Tie MAGBO

Traditional Mooring

MAGBO a challenge for Hydraulic Clamps

Features MAGBO Hydraulic Clamps
Security – Real clamping force reading. – Automatically stops the machine in the presence of any alarm. – They cannot show the clamping force on each mold. – They cannot stop the machine in the presence of a fault.
Reliability – No moving or wearing parts inside the plates, free of mantenimient. – With multiple sensors that monitor the system against failures – Hydraulic oil leaks, blocked hoses, replacement of parts, maintenance of high cost in time and money, without feedback signals.
Uniform clamping force Any shape and size of mold can be assembled on the magnetic plates without the need to be modified. The clamping force concentrated in some points of the mold periphery. No clamping force in the central part of the mold.
Quality Increase in rigidity that generates better part quality. Less rigidity generates lower quality in the produced pieces.
Flexibility Any shape and size of mold can be mounted on the magnetic plates without modification. Requires a specific shape and size of molds.
Increased mold life No deformation. Extends the useful life of the molds. Deformation increases wear = Shorter tool life mold.
Approved for “Clean Room” Without hydraulic oils, it is the ideal solution to produce uncontaminated parts in “clean room” environments. Hydraulic systems leak, require cleaning.
Green Technology No power consumption after magnetization/demagnetization. A loss of electrical power does NOT cause loss of magnetic hold. The hydraulic pump works all the time the mold is subject.

MAGBO = More value, technology, performance and lower cost.

Removable cover all steel Provides extra and easy protection maintenance.

Multiple Injection Nozzle Platen for the fixed side on presses with multiple injection.

Blow molding Particularly light magnetic plates to increase the weight capacity of mold in the press, requirement commonly found in the blow molding

Rotating stage Platen for the mobile side for presses with 180° rotating stage with drive twin injection.

The New CUW Control: Control that combines the control panel with the electrical cabinet in a small box with quick connections. Easy to install and operate. (Available for machines with tonnage less than 450 Tons.) Real reading of the clamping force: with this option it is possible to understand in a precise and real way what is the force applied to the mold and then adjust the machine parameters accordingly.

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