The importance of fast mold and die changeover in the plastics processing industries

La importancia de contar con un cambio rápido de moldes y troqueles en la industrias para procesar plásticos

The importance of fast mold and die changeover in the plastics processing industries

In the industrial sector, the time invested is key and decisive, especially in terms of optimizing resources. Of course, even more so in the plastics processing industries.

A clear example of this can be found in mold and die changes in plastics processing machinery. In this case, HAITIAN provides highly effective time and cost saving solutions, new and much more efficient systems.

The field of polymer processing has evolved and diversified greatly over the years, which has led to an increase in the number of injection molds. In the same way, factories are aiming to minimize lead times, increase productivity and perform more profitable operations. All this leads to more plastic products and a higher production volume.

Process optimization in the plastics industry sector

Plastics processing industries ultimately want greater efficiency and more controlled operations. Any time lost in a particular process, means the delay of another or generate a significant impact on the economic level, an aspect that no company can afford today due to the enormous competitiveness that exists in the market.

As we were saying, the change of molds is an operation that needs to be carried out in the shortest possible time, since it is essential in plastic injection.

For this reason, HAITIAN offers you the perfect equipment to perform the fastest mold and die change in the plastic injection molding industry. We are talking about MAGBO, the future of efficient mold change, state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions.

MAGBO not only saves time, but also facilitates and simplifies the work of the operators. It is highly adaptable, ergonomic and practical.

What is MAGBO?

MAGBO, distributed by HAITIAN, is specialized in permanent and electromagnetic technology covering the full range of industrial magnetic technology available on the market today. It is the perfect product for quick change of molds and dies in the plastic injection molding industry. With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in the magnetic field, its long experience allows us to guarantee the best solutions in this field.

By having a removable steel cover, it provides greater protection, durability and enjoy a faster and more flexible maintenance, especially in case of needing repairs.

The advantages of the installation and use of MAGBO are many, which include having a real reading of the clamping force, having a removable steel cover and temperature monitor, having a thin thickness of 30 mm, a slip detection system, mold recovery and having rollers for mold side loading.

Precisely, the actual reading of the clamping force, makes it possible to understand, in a precise way, what is the force applied to the mold and, thus, make the necessary adjustments.

All these features, among others, give MAGBO an enormous competitive advantage over other companies in its sector. MAGBO generates higher quality parts and increases productivity, thanks to its rigidity and uniformity.

As an interesting fact, it incorporates a new CUW control, easy to install and operate.

Machinery company for the plastics processing industry.

At HAITIAN we are continuously updating to offer you new and innovative plastics processing systems, such as quick mold and die change solutions.

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